First Indian Company Receives FBI Certification For Its MFS-600 Tenprint Scanner

Posted by: | Posted on: February 6, 2018

FBI’S Criminal Justice Information Goods and services (CJIS) along with MITRE Corporation’s image processing lab conducted a review designed for MFS-600 and tested entirely compliance and issued certificates for agency’s IAFIS IQS CJIS-RS-0010 (V7) Appendix L compliance standards.

CJIS-RS-0010 (V7) certification fits image quality specification among FBI’s criminal justice advice services department. IAFIS IQS of FBI specifies the info acquisition standards and token quality specifications for finger marks scanners. It is for both traditional rolled fingerprints and then identification flats.Applications of MFS-600 are visa issue, E-ID documents, criminal identification exact same other National civilian certification projects like AADHAR related to Unique Identification Authority off India.

Mr. Hiren Bhandari, CEO of Saying Softech, said “Along with approval at the hands of Unique Identification Body of India the enrolling agency, Federal bureau of investigation certification sets industry to a purposeful benchmarking level. Business organisation finds limitless opportunities in India and as a consequence foreign government duties. MFS-600 is suitable product for Indian Presidency projects like AADHAR and for other kinds of forensic biometric plans.About MFS-600MFS-600, USB 2.0 Live 4-SLAP tenprint and as a result identification flats electronic device incorporating the Pelouse BitDactyscan84n fingerprint technology at 500 Insurance without membrane.

It is readily able for acquisition pointing to fingerprints by Combined finger up – (1.6″ x just one specific.6″), flat finger up to (3.2″ x 3rd.0″), two plain thumbs up to (3.2″ c 3.0″) and simply four fingers close to (3.2″ x three ..0″).Besides further technical specification like elimination of hidden prints by this also scanner revokes hidden prints originated starting from recent scans, Anti-fake “lite” which completely sets itself apart between real manual finger patterns as well as an other surfaces to relief structure adore gloves and body cells.

MFS-600 tracks standard outstanding output hard drive format in acquiescence with “ANSI/NIST-ITL-1-2007” type 1,2,4 and two week records through EFTS71 end result format facilitate. Quality of image is without a doubt in compliance with NISTIR7151 standards.Mantra Softech is an absolute leading supplier of fingerprint identity command solutions doing India for many last 7 years. Not considered limited in order to fingerprint recognition, company is always manufacturing fingers vein and furthermore face evidence equipments within just India. uidai is offering up products and furthermore support processes to close by 5000 students in China. CCTV and RFID have become their spanking new initiatives. [Website:]