Best Bee Beard in Ontario

Posted by: | Posted on: March 20, 2018

Bee Beard Competition is put on annually in Clovemead Bees & Honey in Ontario, Canada. This strange level of competition is believed to date in order to the 1700s when a major English beekeeper found they could create an original bee beard. He arrived along the street while having bees around his nck wearing odd costumes. Primarily based professional beekeeper Melanie Kempers, each bee hive does have it’s queen and bees will be able to recognize one another just smell. Therefore, participants set the queen bee in a modest plastic cage tied almost their neck, which gets other bees. He generally adds: “We put it onto newspaper, and at that point pour them into a couple of hands just below the specific queen. They smell your girl and walk up route of her. Once they sniff around her, they huddle all over her, that’s what produces the certain look”.

On August 14th, the future the competition took put in exciting atmosphere. Some bold Canadians and participants coming from many parts in the field of gathered at the Clovermead Bees & Honey inside of Ontario to win “Best Beard” prize. Finally, Tibor Szabo finished his challenges excellently when his top was completely covered consisting of honey bees. He was crowned the winner of this springs competition.

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